Creative process // Job 1 (Outreach Newsletter)

UNIT 326 | 327 | 309 | 208


This is a job which comes to me at the start of every season for the last two years for Warwick University Outreach, it is a newsletter which we design and print digitally.


When a Job comes through to me in the design studio I will get a Job Bag along with an email containing a design brief and any files needed, in this specific email there is a word doc attached which contains the content as well as a download like to the universities internal file transfer website to download the images from, this ensures the quality of the images is kept and iI can limit compression, as well as the image containing folder being zipped.


This is the artwork from a previous Job which I created, I use the previous job as a template and replace the images, text and colour scheme with the supplied specification.


This is what the customers design brief looks like, this particular customer likes to give instructions in red as well as the text in black, personally, this makes the process a lot easier as well as the fact that I’m used to working with this customer.


Working from the customers brief and content, I updated the design, Warwick university has certain colours to use, from these pantone references I created a ‘CC Library’ for Warwick University so they are all there throughout the adobe suite for me to use, when I made this library I used the CMYK values rather than the pantone values as I found this was the most accurate way of replicating the colour on different devices/print. The Image update was just a case of re-linking the old image to the new one which then updated the image. as for the text I simply copied and pasted where relevant. One obvious change I have made is changing the main body copy from two columns to three columns, the first dedicated to the image placeholder.

front replace.jpeg

The customer requested that i add a vector graphic and a logo on the front page, I achieved this by placing the EPS files and positioning them, the logo had a background so I used the multiply effect to remove this which worked quite well.






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