Creative Process // Job 2 (Notice board)

UNIT 326 | 327 | 309 | 208


notice board email


I received an email brief from Jo-ann requesting a notice board with a similar design to one that she has seen elsewhere.


I set the canvas to the dimensions specified and started working out an initial design based on the brief.

notice board 3


I come up with this design which incorporates 5 A4 placeholders 1 A3 placeholder and a large dry wipe white board.

I then ensured that i saved the document following company procedures, archiving it by date using a job number assigned to the Job

I then sent the idea to Jo-Anne as a PDF for proofing

notice 4.jpeg



At this point i created a press ready PDF including crop marks and bleed marks and emailed it to the large format printers.


From here on, the finishing team will print, laminate, trim and then affix it using velcro dots to the wall in the reception area.


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