Creative Process // Legacy Flyer (1/2)

UNIT 326 | 327 | 309 | 208


After meeting with the customer, I acquired a design brief for a flyer to promote an event being held at the shard in London.

He provided files during the meeting on a USB drive including a logo he wished to use however it was low resolution and he couldn’t provide an original file so i had to recreate it, he also didn’t know which font was used.

Using Adobe Photoshop I was able to match the original font used so that I could recreate the logo.

a5 2

Using adobe illust


Once the logo was re-created I set the A5 document up and started working up a design.

a5 1

After some thinking I decided that the document would work better in a portrait format.


I then sent this artwork to the customer as a low quality PDF as a first proof, I used a low quality PDF as it is a smaller file size and therefore saves on email storage space.

The customer replied with the following feedback:

legacy ema

After making the amendments set out, I re- sent a PDF for a second proof, this time I used the interactive hyperlink menu in indesign to add the hyperlink ‘here’ for a digital PDF which will be used.


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