Creative Process – Design Studio wall

UNIT 326 | 327 | 309 | 208


After much discussion in our design studio we decided a few weeks ago that the studio needed sprucing up, First we painted the walls and replaced cupboards. We decided that we should do something with the large rear wall in the room.

After much discussion amongst the designers we felt we needed something big to inspire creativity. I measured the wall using the tape measure and started coming up with designs.

I had to set the document at 1:2 ratio because it was such a large canvas size. For this exact reason I decided scalable vector graphics would be a better way to fill this wall.


Above image: Final design being fitted

Using adobe illustrator i started to create some illustrations using the pen tool.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.01.43 copy.png

However due to the sheer size of this canvas I decided it would be more time effective to download stock illustrations from iStock as we have a premium subscription, So i set about finding hand drawn EPS files.


After downloading all the files it was just a case of placing them on the canvas in a way that they all fit, yet didnt look too full. I also then changed the global colour to Pantone Cool grey 11





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