Unit 305 – AC 3.1 // 3.2 – equipment I use

 iMac

Apple technology is almost an industry standard in the design world. Firstly the sleek stylish design of apple technology makes it a hit with designers, secondly the simplicity and ease of use helps to speed the design proccess up, much design standard software is now only available on macs, as such it becomes an essential piece of technology for the designer.


To a graphic designer the hardware he uses is the most important equipment of the job, without it, the job couldn’t be done.

At warwick print we have a separate server for our macs so that we can securely keep our files, this server is username and password protected, it is also encrypted and backed up.


Once logged in to the system I can access all of my archived files throughout my time at warwick print.



Using an Adobe Creative Cloud account, all adobe applications are synced and available on any desktop which you are logged in to, this also enables adobe to send push notifications for updates for the latest features in the software. but creative cloud has a lot of other features, it has its own asset bank to download images, vectors and templates.


Creative cloud also links all of the adobe apps, therefore when creating something in one application you can jump straight into another application to edit something, for instance if you are creating a document in indesign and a photo needs editing you can choose to edit in photoshop, when you hit save in photoshop the image in the indesign document will have automatically updated.


Digital Printer

Warwick print is a digital printing company, we use a state of the art cannon digital press for all of our printing.

canon-digital-presses-colour-425x255.pngas an in line production line one of the presses has an in built booklet maker (folder, stitcher). we use laser printers which use powder based CMYK inks.



We have two state of the art pneumatic guillotines at warwick print from the company ‘morgana’.


these guillotines can be programmed with a set size for the document that you are cutting, this was the cut is accurate and repeatable, it has inferred sensors to prevent any accidents.



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