Adobe Preflight

Unit 302 | AC 9.1


Anytime you start working on a document for the first time—whether you’re creating a document from scratch or revising an existing document—you will need to keep an eye on output issues. Common issues include:


  • Missing fonts: If a font used in the document is not present or enabled on your system, it is considered missing and the document will not print properly.
  • Color models: Colors created in the wrong color model for the intended output device can cause problems. A common problem is that digital camera images often use the RGB color model while offset printing requires CMYK colors.
  • Overset text: As text formatting changes and objects are moved and resized during layout, text can accidentally get cut off so it doesn’t display or print. This is referred to as overset text.

The preflight in Adobe programmes helps to identify and eliminate and issues that the script finds. When printing it will alert you if there is anything strange in the document, this limits the amount of wastage, for instance if there was a font error in a document and it was printed then the error (if spotted at all) would mean that the job would have to be printed again therefore costing money, time and resources.




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