Church Poster


Above is the original design I created for an event for a local church, a few months later I received an email from Jo asking for some amends to the artwork.



I had an email off Jo saying that she wished to change a poster that i previously created for her, she wanted the working changing as well as the image used and general style which she spoke to me about over a phone call brief.

First of all i noticed that the image looked very dark so before anything else i ran it through a couple of photoshop processes:

  1. I changed the exposure and contrast to lighten it, this helped me to achieve the result i wanted as seen below.2
  2. however, I then created a warm tone using a camera raw temperature filter, now i was happy with the image.11


I then replaced the current text with the new text and styled the poster as Jo requested.

Then I created a PDF proof to supply to Jo to get approval for this job,


I chose a high quality PDF as the document contained images, text and colour, because this PDF was being used for just proofing, I didn’t add any Bleed or Marks on this version of the PDF.

I then supplied the soft proof to Jo via email, so that she could see the new design I had worked up.




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