Image editing

Unit 327


During a meeting with a client we discussed what could be done with an old photo to make it more visually engaging for a leaflet.

I recommended simply repairing and colourising the image which i felt would make the composition more powerful.

The photograph was a hardcopy image which i scanned onto a USB drive and then saved to my desktop.



This is the original photo which I am working from to add colour which would be correct to the period, to do this I am using Adobe photoshop CC.

The first step which I do is repairing any age related scratches or blemishes to the photograph.

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I do this using the clone stamp tool, the patch tool and the spot healing brush. I use the patch tool if there is a large area or blemishes, the clone stamp and spot heal I use for small scratches and tears.

the result of the restoration work is below:


Then I set about adding some photorealistic colour to the image using a number of techniques.

Using an adjustment layer I changed the curves for the red channel so that i could create a flesh tone throughout the image, i then isolated the skin in the image by creating a layer mask.


I then did this for the green and blue channels


Using these techniques I was able to breathe some life into old scruffy Black and white photos, I believe that I have restored this photograph quite well.



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