Materials that can be wasted at Warwick Print

Unit 302 | AC 3.1 – 3.2 – 3.3


At Warwick Print, I have Identified three materials that could be wasted day to day. Paper, Ink and Laminate are the materials that I noticed upon my walk around the premises that can be wasted in a couple of ways

  1. If something is printed with an error then all of that printed matter will be thrown away, because we recycle most of our waste paper the issue is less the waste of paper and the harm to the environment but more the loss to the company and the cost that it incurs. However this kind of error also wastes ink as well as paper, the ink can’t be recycled and is therefore completely wasted
  2. If something is printed on the wrong size paper, for instance if a business card is printed on an SRA3 sheet and then trimmed, around 90% of the papers would be wasted, at Warwick Print we reduce this wastage by laying up multiple cards on each sheet, however there is still some wastage, again through printing bleed to ensure a quality finish there is always some ink and paper wastage. Laminate can be wasted in a similar way, as when something is laminated it is always over laminated to ensure a good finish, this is then trimmed, therefore there is a waste of paper, ink and laminate. there is no feasible way of reducing this wastage without compromising the finish.

    this image shows the recycling bins that we use throughout the building for paper.

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